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FreightDragon™ mission was launched to help companies in the moving logistic industry to better manage their highly valuable data by building technologies from the ground up using the most current and most tested security protocols used by world leading governments and corporations. Our company is veteran owned and managed by some of the most talented engineers our nation has to offer, FreightDragon™ is made in the USA and proudly hosted in the United States of America.


FreightDragon™ was built from the ground up using the most current & stable programming, our system provides brokers, dealers, auctions and many other industries with the tools needed to manage cargo transportation.


FreightDragon™ is protected by 256bit SSL protection with special crypto to protect your data and customer information, after all your data is worth protecting isn't it?


FreightDragon™ can process your leads, quotes, orders and marketing campaigns in a more efficient to help your business become more productive with less stress. Our easy-to-use system was developed with the user in mind, this way we can ensure a flawless transition from obsolete systems.


FreightDragon™ Easy-to-use application that includes mobile application integration for even faster and easier management of your business.



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